EJVES Editor’s Choice


Duration 9.20 min/8.84mb
Focused Search of the Literature

Duration 7.56 min/11.2mb
Prospective Cohort Studies

Duration 6.40 min/9.73mb
Retrospective Studies

Duration 7.11 min/7.20mb
Major Sources of Bias

Ask-Away Podcasts

Duration 04.56 min/3.91mb
Q&A 3 Dual pathway inhibition and gender

Duration 04.57 min/3.95mb
Q&A 2 Age and dual pathway inhibition

Duration 07.02 min/5.55mb
Q&A 1 Dual pathway inhibition and bleeding

Duration 11.34 min/13.7mb
Clinical scenario 4: baseline treatment for CLTI

Duration 15.27 min/15.6mb
Clinical scenario 3: baseline treatment for CLTI

Duration 11.33 min/13.8mb
Clinical scenario 2- intermittent claudication

Duration 11:34 min/9.58mb
Clinical scenario 1: iliac stent

Duration 16.59 min/24.1mb
Medical Malpractice in Vascular Surgery

Duration 9.54 min/14.1mb
Informed Consent

Vascular Forum Interviews

Duration 37:47 min/33.01 mb
VFI on the BEST CLI trial with Dr Farber Menard and Venermo

Duration 24:03 min/27.54 mb
VFI VV carotid chapter with R Naylor and S Debus

Duration 33:52 min/30.5 mb
VFI on endoanchors with JP de Vries and M Gargiulo

Duration 24:17 min/21.6 mb
Simulation & Vascular Training with I Van Herzeele and C Bicknell Part 1

Duration 32:56 min/30.1 mb
VFI on sac regression with Hence Verhagen

Duration 29:57 min/25.9 mb
VFI with K. Donas and M. Lachat on ChEVAR

Duration 13:50 min/10.2 mb
VF interview with Rebecka Hultgren

Duration 29:49 min/26.8 mb
VFI with K. Mani and C. Behrendt on Registry Data

Duration 19:55 min/18.2 mb
VFI with Pirkka Vikatmaa on noninvasive foot perfusion assessment

Duration 20:30 min/18.2 mb
Vascular Forum Interview with Sebastian Debus on the VOYAGER Trial

Duration 17:06 min/15.2 mb
Vascular Forum Interview with the Virtual Vascular Editors

Duration 25.25 min/22.8mb
NICE and ESVS AAA guidelines: Interviews with J. Powell and J. Boyle